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This information was published a long time ago and is probably out of date. If you came here from a link, I would appreciate you contacting me with that information so I can have it updated.

So you bought our 9x Programmer, you read the installation instructions carefully, you've gone through the info at opentxforums.com (particularly the wiki) to learn how to flash your transmitter... but you're just getting errors?  You've come to the right place.

Below are the most common errors (when there's more than one, its listed from most to least common), what they mean, and how to solve them.

Error Message Cause Solution
no error (blank screen) This is actually a software error, but it has been reported more and more often that I decided to include it here. I'm not sure why it happens, but it seems that sometimes EEEPE can't find the avrdude application on your computer. In EEPE's burn menu you'll find a box for "AVRDUDE Location". You'll have to manually locate the avrdude executable on your computer and enter it here. For further help, contact the software's support
could not find USB device "USBasp"
  1. You haven't installed the drivers
  2. Something's wrong with your USB cable, your USB ports, or your PC in general.
  3. You haven't connected the programmer to your pc via a USB cable
  4. A defective USB connector cable (that we supplied) or a defective board.
  1. Follow the instructions!  Especially if you have 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  2. Try a different cable, port and/or PC.
  3. Umm... plug it in!
  4. Contact us.
Target doesn't answer
  1. You don't have the 9x powered on.
  2. You don't have a V2 board.
  3. One or more of the 9x's pads (where the programmer spring pins make contact) has a varnish-like substance on it (residue from manufacturing) or solder-built up into a mount.
  4. One or more of the spring pins is not making contact.
  5. The board is not fully seated.
  1. Follow the instructions!
  2. Check!
  3. All pads must be clean, relatively flat, and smooth.  Use 99+% alcohol to clean and a soldering iron and solder wick, if necessary, to remove excess solder.
  4. Check that all 5 pins are there, that they are reasonably straight, and that the springs work.
  5. It is important that the screws are tight (don't over tighten!) so press down on the board beside each screw and tighten if there is any movement.

Expected signature ATMEGA64 is 1E 96 02


Verification Error / content mismatch

  1. It could be a temporary glitch (but then you probably aren't already looking here)
  2. You are attempting to program the wrong chip!
  3. If you are using Linux or a Mac, try downgrading avrdude version.
  4. Undetermined.  It could be your particular pc, your particular radio, your particular programmer or something with the software you're using.
  1. Just try it again.  It is not uncommon for this problem to show one time and then not the next.  The advice shown in #4 below could also help.
  2. If you have a TelemetrEZ board also installed then be sure the radio is switched ON (powered by battery) otherwise eepe will try to program the TelemetrEZ's chip instead.
  3. It is a known issue with 6.x.  Try 5.x instead.
  4. Don't fight it :)  The solution is the same regardless of the cause.  If you're using EEPE or Companion9x, go in the Burn menu and select Configure.  Then in "Extra Arguments" type in "-B 11" (without the quotes).  If you're using other avrdude based software, you'll have to figure out how to add the argument.  This command slows down the process and resolves the problem in most cases.